$180 for 60 minutes

$100 for 30 minutes

$40 for 10 minutes

Each additional 10 minutes is $40.

Please call 760-632-8089 to schedule.

We are on Pacific Standard Time.

For your consultation please have the following information available if possible:

  • Any gallbladder test results
  • A brief history of your gallbladder problem
  • A list of your current symptoms
  • For an assessment of your diet, you will also need a three-day dietary intake that includes everything you have had to eat or drink including meals, drinks and snacks.


Gallbladder disease often has other problems occuring along with it. Many of these are not separate issues but are intertwined. Either they are contributing to the gallbladder disease or are actually part of the underlying cause. For example, since hydrochloric acid is a contributor to optimal gallbladder emptying, many gallbladder patients have low hydrochloric acid along with their gallbladder issue. And hydrochloric acid is accompanied by its own set of symptoms that may contribute to the discomfort of the gallbladder problem. Low HCl may definitely be a contributing cause to the problem. But low thyroid could be the underlying cause of both the low HCl and the gallbladder problem.

Wrong diet is also a contributor to gallbladder disease. Fats are well-known by most people to be a problem for the gallbladder but not so well-known is that food allergies such as gluten and dairy. See an in-depth list of other causes of gallbladder disease.

What is often not considered at all is hypothyroidism which has also been shown to be an underlying contributing factor to proper gallbladder function. We have found many of our gallbladder patients to have a concurrent thyroid problem, and if your thyroid labs are "normal" we suggest you read Dr. Kharrizian's book, "Why Do I Still have Thyroid Symptoms When My Blood Tests are Normal?"

According to the
work of Datis Kharrizian, there are at least 8 different patterns of thyroid diease and only two of them are found by the standard lab reference ranges.

Please call 760-632-8089 to schedule.


How Much Time Should I Schedule?

The 10 minute is typically scheduled by people having questions about their gallbladder protocol such as what to take for their particular situation or what to do next.

30 and 60 minute will get into more detail about your history and overall symptoms. Some people want lots of time to go over diet. Please specify your needs when you make the appointment so that we can schedule the right amount of time for you.


Order The Thyroid Book

Order the thyroid book by Datis Kharrizian called "Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms When My Blood Tests are Normal?"


Gallbladder attacks are more common than you may think. Gallstones affect more than 25 million Americans (our total population being 310 million in early 2011). One million new cases of gallstones are diagnosed annually, according to the American Gastroenterological Association.

500,000-700,000 gallbladder removals take place every year in the USA alone, and since the diet of the general American population is not improving, those numbers are rising.

  "Thanks for your web site. Your beet recipe was a great help to me. After suffering pain for more than a week. I went to the doctor and the E.R., but they could not even tell me what was wrong. After the pain got worse I had a CAT scan and the doctor told me he thought it was my gallbladder. After getting frustrated waiting for doctors, my wife found your site. I feel better, but not completely better, and I am very hungry only making veggie and fruit juice, and eating fish, rice, and yams."  

food allergies can
also bring on a gallbladder attack? If you are one of those people who never knows what foods will bring on an attack, read about the
allergy diet.

  I had a significant improvement in my symptoms the day after I talked to Debbie. She told me that there was a reason that grapes were recommended for my problem, so I went home and prepared the grapes. The next evening I felt a great lessening of the pressure and pain in my chest, so whatever was blocking my bile ducts had receded or gotten smaller. In the following days I was able to eat the beet recipe and gradually I've been able to introduce heavier foods with no problems. Of course I'm taking her digestive supplements and will be placing another order soon -and I'm being very vigilant about my diet. I want to thank you all for all the great wisdom I've learned from Debbie and her website. I'm a huge fan. You really helped me out of a tough spot medically. I've learned a great lesson from it.

Thank you. This is the most
helpful site Ive found after my
first full fledged weekend of pain. Time for change.

Day ten on the gall bladder starter kit and the pain is gone. Following the diet regime and taking the supplements and the improvement is amazing. I appreciate all the advice on you website and in the emails and am changing my lifestyle as directed. The results are most gratifying. You know your stuff and present it well. I am most appreciative.




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