Gallbladder Function

The gallbladder is a reservoir or a storage facility for bile. Bile is a liquid that is made in the liver and travels down the common bile duct where it is stopped by the sphincter of Oddi, a muscle sphincter at the end of the duct and the opening into the upper small intestine (duodenum). When bile encounters a closed sphincter, it travels back up the duct and veers off towards the cystic duct and into the gallbladder sac. Here in the gallbladder, 90% of the water is removed from the bile. This makes the bile more potent and efficient at performing its functions discussed below.

The gallbladder, besides concentrating bile, also works with the sphincter of Oddi to start and stop the flow of bile so that it is secreted at optimal times and in optimal amounts. With the removal of the gallbladder that control is removed and left to the sphincter alone.


When we ask about gallbladder function we are really asking about biliary function, or the purpose of bile. It is the bile that performs the tasks we need done; the gallbladder concentrates and regulates the flow of bile. Whether we have an intact gallbladder or have had it removed, we still have the same need of bile. Whatever use you have for diet and supplements that help your gallbladder, you really need for your biliary system. The bile needs to be kept moving before and after gallbladder removal.


1. breaking down fats
2. removing toxins

The bile has two major functions in the body. Firstly, it breaks down the fats that you eat so that your body can utilize them. Without adequate bile you do not metabolize your fats well which can result in a deficiency of the fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K). You may also have problems digesting the essential fatty acids which are needed for brain development, brain function, eyes, hormones, cholesterol and more. Amongst other symptoms you could have trouble utilizing calcium, have dry skin, peeling on the soles of your feet, etc. One way you can tell you have trouble digesting fats is if you have excessive burping that starts shortly after eating a fatty meal. You might feel nauseous or experience gas and bloating. Often the bile is thick and you can thin it out with The Beet Recipe which you can find on the Gallbladder Diet page, or with a whole food beet product found in the 30 DAY GALLBLADDER SOLUTION on this site.

Secondly, bile is a very powerful antioxidant which helps to remove toxins from the liver. The liver filters toxins (bacteria, viruses, drugs or other foreign substances the body doesn't want) and sends them out via the bile, which is made in the liver. The pathway of departure is from the liver through the bile ducts and into the gallbladder or directly into the small intestine where it joins waste matter and leaves through the colon with the feces. If you have gallbladder problems, you would do well to cleanse your liver and bowel also. Many people with sluggish gallbladders have a tendency towards constipation as bile helps to move the bowel, even though this is not technically listed as a function of bile.




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