Gallbladder Symptoms


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  • Pain or tenderness under the rib cage on the right side
  • Pain between shoulder blades
  • Stools light or chalky colored
  • Fatty stools
  • Indigestion after eating, especially fatty or greasy foods
  • Feeling of fullness or food not digesting
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Burping or belching
  • Diarrhea (or alternating from soft to watery)
  • Headache over eyes, especially right
  • Bitter fluid comes up after eating
  • Constipation or frequent use of laxatives

Gallbladder attacks can be both very painful and frightening. It is easy to understand why so many people opt for gallbladder surgery after experiencing even one gallbladder attack. But there are both natural supplements and natural foods that can manage gallbladder disease to help prevent both surgery and the discomfort of gallbladder colic.


Please note that if you are in severe pain and particularly if your attack symptoms are accompanied by fever DO SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY. The following symptoms are typical of a gallbladder attack.

  • Moderate to severe pain under the right side of the rib cage
  • Pain may radiate through to the back or to the right shoulder
  • Severe upper abdominal pain (biliary colic)
  • Nausea
  • Queasiness
  • Vomiting
  • Gas
  • Burping or belching
  • Attacks are often at night
  • Attacks often occur after overeating
  • Pain will often but not always follow a meal with fats or grease
  • Pain may be worse with deep inhalation
  • Attacks can last from 15 minutes to 15 hours


Gallbladder disease is more common than you may think. Gallstones affect more than 25 million Americans with 1 million new cases diagnosed annually, according to the American Gastroenterological Association. And there are other things that go wrong with the gallbladder besides just gallstones.

People can go for years with digestive symptoms and never realize that they may be related to a gallbladder problem. That's because they are so inter-woven with other digestive symptoms such as indigestion, gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea and nausea.

The list provided here may be related to gallbladder but bear in mind that it could also be something else. Gluten intolerance or celiac disease should also be considered depending on the specific symptoms. The first five symptoms mentioned above I feel are most indicative of gallbladder issues. It is not necessary to have all or many symptoms to have gallbladder problems but the more you have from this list, the more confirmation you have that the gallbladder is involved.

Please note that it is still advisable to consult your doctor for an accurate diagnosis. Gallbladder attack symptoms are listed above and again with more detailed explanation when you answer the
three-minute gall bladder symptom questionnaire. To get a good understanding of what caused your gall bladder problems, study the list of risk factors for gallbladder disease.


Symtpoms of a gallbladder attack are often caused by gallbladder stones. A stone may block the neck of the gallbladder or get stuck in a bile duct inhibiting the flow of bile or possibly causing a backing up of bile. However, short of causing an actual attack, stones may be present for years and never cause any symptoms at all. "Biliary pain can occur in about a third of the gallstone patients" (which leaves two thirds NOT experiencing pain) and "sometimes the gallstone symptoms are difficult to differentiate from that of dyspepsia." (indigestion)3 The gallstones can impair the functioning of the gallbladder, however, which can result in any of the common gallbladder symptoms.

Gall bladder symptoms can look and feel the same with or without stones. Therefore, all of the symptoms on listed on this page can accompany gallstones.


70-80% of people with gallstones never know they have them. These are called "silent gallstones". However, the remaining 20-30% still results in 500,000-700,000 gallbladder removals every year. And since the diet of the general American population is not improving, those numbers are rising.

The risk of silent gallstones causing a gallbladder attack is about 1% per year.

A study in the New England Journal of Medicine compared the mortality rate from emergency surgery performed for obstructing gallstones with the mortality rate from routine, scheduled gallbladder surgery and concluded that the latter gallbladder surgery is actually more dangerous. They advised that "silent" gallstones should not be subjected to surgery but left alone.

And another study reports:

"We conclude that innocent gallstones are not a myth, and that in some populations the majority of silent gallstones are inconsequential. We believe that routine prophylactic operation for silent gallstone disease, at least in white American men, is neither necessary nor advisable."2.

So now that you know you have gallbladder problems....


What customers are saying:
Thanks. Product ordered and following the dietary chart are working very well. Symptoms WAY down. Dr.s were suggesting, "We'll just take it out if it's bothering you."

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2.William A. Gracie, M.D., and David F. Ransohoff, M.D.,The Natural History of Silent Gallstones The Innocent Gallstone is Not a Myth,
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An Introduction

from the author

The products on this site have been proven over and over again by our customers to be effective for lessening or removing the symptoms of gallbladder discomfort and pain.

However, having a medical diagnosis and support of a physician is not replaceable. Please see your physician.

Most peope already know that their diets leave much to be desired. Without dietary and/or lifestyle changes (such as cutting out fried foods and trans fats, reducing or eliminating refined foods, reducing stress and/or learning to manage it, including moderate exercise in your routine, etc.) these supplements can only go so far. So cleaning up your diet is paramount in importance.

STEP ONE is to get out of pain or discomfort. That is done with the help of the Gallbladder Starter Kit and dietary changes you'll find on this site.

STEP TWO is finding out the cause and correcting that. There are obvious immediate causes such as overeating or eating too many fatty foods but there can be hidden causes at the root of it all.

What I have found from working with people over the years, is that those who already have a very good diet, most frequently will find an underlying food allergy or intolerance such as gluten sensitivity or hypothyroid disease. Insulin resistance is another factor. In fact, we often find these issues to be concurrent with gallbladder disease whether or not they have been diagnosed.

It is due to this common occurance that I have broadened my research and expertise to include hypothyroid, hashimoto's disease and gluten intolerance and am offering blood tests to determine the above for my clients.

I am affiliated with a laboratory that offers state-of-the-art testing for leaky gut, gluten intolerance, celiac testing and antibodies to specific bodily tissues which can herald the possibility of an autoimmune disease.

But all of this is beyond where you need to start. The first order of business is to get yourself out of pain. Order the Starter Kit and then educate yourself by reading this site, page by page.



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