Dumping Syndrome Kit

2 Montorillonite Clay
2 Healthy Bowel

Price: $92

This kit is designed with several different strategies to stop diarrhea. First, it contains clay to bind up some of the excess bile salts. Healthy Bowel Support contains apple pectin which is shown by research studies to slow down bowel transit time. Thirdly, it provides an excellent variety of probiotics to help heal the mucus membranes of the gut and to recolonize it with good flora. Pre-biotics are added to feed the probiotics in order to help them take better hold and to thrive. Lastly, but importantly, it contains super antioxidants in the form of fruits and vegetables, easily absorbed by the body for assistance with any inflammation that may be present.


Montmorillonite Clay has adsorbent properties that may help with "dumping syndrome" by binding up excess bile. It also may be helpful in cleansing the intestinal tract, helping to eliminate waste materials that stick to the surface of the intestines.

490 mg Montmorillonite clay. Other ingredients - magnesium stearate and gelatin capsule.

Start out with 4 capsules after every meal and 4 before bed. As the symptoms improve, you can cut down the dosage. If you skip a meal, do not skip your dosage but take it anyway.


Healthy Bowel Support is a concentrated whole food source of fruits and vegetables combined with super flora - nutrition for the bowel. It provides balance to the large intestine and helps reduce inflammation. It contains organic soluble and insoluble fiber which supports regularity and benefits the immune system and overall health.
Heathly Bowel Support provides intense regenerative probiotic (800 million cfu), as well as prebiotic activity for a healthy microbial environment and for assistance in repairing damage from improper diet or over use of antibiotics. This helps to bring the bowel into balance and may help with both diarrhea and constipation. Since constipation contributes to gallstones, keeping the bowel healthy and moving is important in gallbladder disease. This may be particularly helpful for dumping syndrome. This product may also be used for IBS and other bowel diseases.

Ingredients: Apple fiber 1000 mg, Inulin (from Chicory Root) 200mg, Acai Berry 150 mg, Cranberry Powder 100 mg, Blueberry Fruit Powder 25 mg, Mangosteen 25 mg, Organic Vegetable Juice Blend (Beet juice, Cabbage juice, Celery juice, Onion juice, Spinach juice, Broccoli juice, Carrot juice, Leek juice, Parsley juice, Tomato juice) 25 mg, Organic Berry-Citrus Juice Blend (Apple juice, Mango juice, Grape juice, Banana juice, Guava juice, Papaya juice) 25mg, Regenerative Probiotic Proprietary Blend ( Lactobacillus Sporogenes, Bifidobacterium Bifidum, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bifidobacterium Longum, Lactobacillus Casei, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus) 800 million cfu.

Dosage: Start with 2 capsules per meal of the HEALTHY BOWEL SUPPORT about 15 minutes before eating. Before a meal is best for more enyme activity. You can, however, also take them after eating. Increase after several days to 3 capsules per meal. You are welcome to double that dosage to 6 caps 3x a day, doing so gradually.


Although it may seem counter productive when the issue with post-cholecystectomy syndrome is more than likely a problem of excess of bile, one of the ways gastroenterologists work with dumping syndrome is alternate bile salts with a bile salt binder every 6 hours. Adding bile salts is like throwing a money wrench into a screwed up system. It may actually jump start the mechanism by changing the bile salt pool. If you'd like to experiment with this, order a bottle of bile salts (165 mg) and take 1-3 capsules randomly, alternating every 6 hours with the Clay & Bile Combo.



Gallbladder attacks are more commom than you may think. Gallstones affect more than 25 million American (our total population being 310 million in early 2011). One million new cases of gallstones are diagnosed annually, according to the American Gastroenterological Association.

500,000-700,000 gallbladder removals take place every year in the USA alone, and since the diet of the general American population is not improving, those numbers are rising.

food allergies can
also bring on a gallbladder attack? If you are one of those people who never knows what foods will bring on an attack, read about the
allergy diet.
Day ten on the gall bladder starter kit and the pain is gone. Following the diet regime and taking the supplements and the improvement is amazing. I appreciate all the advice on you website and in the emails and am changing my lifestyle as directed. The results are most gratifying. You know your stuff and present it well. I am most appreciative.
TC, San Clemente, CA




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