Betaine HCl and Fat Loss

The following research-backed benefits of betaine HCl may all contribute to weight loss in different ways:   1. Betaine HCl Stimulates Digestion Betaine HCl is most well-known for its support with digestion. Aside from being essential for protein metabolism, it … Read More

Deborah’s Product Recommendations

Deborah recommends many supplements that are not sold on the website, in blogs, newsletters and on individual consultations. For your convenience, here is a list of the products, some brands she uses and the dosage. Metabolic Syndrome This syndrome … Read More

Digestive Enzymes Benefits

Benefits of Digestive Enzyme Supplements Improve the digestive process of individuals with gastrointestinal and other related diseases Having understood how digestive enzymes work and who would benefit from them, we know that supplementation with digestive enzymes DOES NOT cure those … Read More

Addressing Sleep Problems After Surgery

Every year, hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide undergo gallbladder surgery. And although the standard procedure for gallbladder removal nowadays is laparoscopic cholecystectomy, which does not require a patient to stay at the hospital for a long time, there are … Read More

Peppermint: More than a Feel-Good Aroma

Peppermint (Mentha piperita L.) is one of the most widely-consumed herbs known for its flavoring and fragrance properties. It is cooling and relaxing, making it a popular component for cosmetics, food, and personal hygiene products worldwide. Peppermint tea, leaf, leaf … Read More

Connection Between Osteoporosis and Gallstones

Osteoporosis and gallstones are both diseases commonly affecting elderly patients worldwide. With osteoporosis, bones get weaker, more fragile, and are more susceptible to fractures. Although both conditions can happen to younger individuals, the risk of developing them increases with aging. … Read More

Gas and Bloating: More Than Just Discomfort

Gas and bloating often accompany gallbladder problems. Although there are many other symptoms experienced by patients with gallbladder diseases, this irritating, uncomfortable, and unsightly symptom is almost always present. What’s worse is that these symptoms may happen simultaneously! While gas … Read More

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