Connection Between Osteoporosis and Gallstones

Osteoporosis and gallstones are both diseases commonly affecting elderly patients worldwide. With osteoporosis, bones get weaker, more fragile, and are more susceptible to fractures. Although both conditions can happen to younger individuals, developing them increases with aging. And there are … Read More

Benefits of Intermittent Fasting: Weight Loss and More

Hunger is one of our basic physiological needs for survival. Nobody likes feeling hungry. Therefore, the idea of intentionally depriving oneself of food for some time with fasting or intermittent fasting is unfathomable for many. Unfortunately for a lot of … Read More

Kombucha Tea Health Benefits for the Gut

If you think kombucha tea is just another health fad that’s here today and gone tomorrow, think again. More than just the fastest growing product in the beverage market today, it has been recognized as a potential therapeutic and prophylactic … Read More

Gas and Bloating: More Than Just Discomfort

It is not uncommon for gas and bloating to accompany gallbladder problems. Although patients with gallbladder diseases experience many other symptoms, this irritating, uncomfortable, and unsightly symptom is almost always present. What’s worse is that these symptoms may happen simultaneously! … Read More

Gallbladder Rupture: What are the Chances?

A major concern people have when they start to experience the pain of a gallbladder attack is whether or not the gallbladder is about to burst or if it already has. But a gallbladder attack is often accompanied by excruciating … Read More

5 Healthy Drinks to Take Before Breakfast

There are many compelling scientific reasons why breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. Breakfast sets the pace for your metabolism. It packs your body with the necessary energy for the day’s work, curbs cravings, helps prevent … Read More

Gallbladder and Liver Flush

I am not a big fan of liver flushes, but I have done them and have supported many through them. Personally, I prefer coffee enemas. However, thousands of people swear by them, so this is what I have found is … Read More

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