Need A Brain Boost? Qualia: The Best Nootropic

We have always emphasized the connection between digestive health and brain health. It’s the reason why chronic gastrointestinal issues may cause foggy brain, insomnia, or depression. It also works vice versa, with stress and overthinking affecting our digestive process. Many … Read More

Best Hyaluronic Acid For Skin, Eyes, And Joints

“Turn back the hands of time. Restore your smooth, radiant, and wrinkle-free skin.” “Get rid of your blotches and blemishes. Bring back your youthful glow.” “Stop looking your age.” These are just some of the promises of skin care products … Read More

​Collagen And Gelatin: Your Sources of Protein

Many of our gallbladder patients struggle with getting enough protein and finding a source that will not cause them gallbladder attacks, trigger an inflammatory response, or worsen their symptoms. Unfortunately, a lot of protein-rich foods also come with fats that … Read More

Healthy Frying For Gallbladder Problems

If you have high cholesterol levels, suffering from a heart or liver disease, or if you’re worried about another gallbladder attack, your doctor has probably told you to steer clear of fatty foods. Yes, our bodies need fats but not … Read More

Dr. T. in Florida

I was having heartburn every day all day, and after a few weeks on the pregnancy kit, I find I am only getting it once a week, if that!  Thank you. 

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