These Noodles Can Do What???

Miracle NoodleAptly named ” Miracle Noodle” this food may just be the answer for gallbladder people who cannot eat without discomfort or pain. Many people who are following a gallbladder diet find they are hungry all the time. These noodles are a safe food that can provide the bulk for that full feeling.

The ingredients are water, glucomannan fiber, and calcium hydroxide. Glucomannan is a soluble fiber made from the root of the Japanese konjac plant also known as Konnyaku Imo. This fiber is also sold in capsules and used to treat constipation, blood sugar, diabetes, weight loss, and high cholesterol.

This may look like a new kid on the block but research from back in 1985 was touting that glucomannan from the konjac root could be used to prevent the formation of gallstones.

So, here are the benefits attributed to glucomannan.

Glucomannan fiber may:
  • prevent cholesterol gallstones
  • lower cholesterol
  • lower blood sugar
  • help regulate diabetes
  • aid constipation
  • support weight loss

Unfortunately, for some, Miracle Noodles are virtually zero calories. For others, that’s a real plus. The calories come from what you add to it. If you can manage olive oil wherever you are in your program, try adding a little to your noodles along with some sea salt, fresh basil, and Protein Flakes (also known as nutritional flakes). Naturally, weight loss involves eating lots of fresh vegetables, cutting out food allergens, and getting exercise, but fiber is important to weight loss as is getting both blood sugar and cholesterol levels under control. And how nice to be able to do some of that with fun food rather than pills!

How Does It Do All That?

The water-absorbing property of glucomannan attracts more water into the bowel as well as contributes more bulk to the stool in the form of fiber, both of which may aid constipation. Fiber is also known to bind cholesterol which may help to lower circulating cholesterol levels in the blood as well as to make more bile salts available. This fiber may also slow down the absorption of sugar, keeping blood sugar levels on a more even keel. And last but not least, they provide a fun pasta experience without either the calories or the sugar/carbs.

What else is in them?

Other noodles on the market contain soy which is a common food allergen, and/or preservatives. Miracle Noodles contain only calcium in the form of hydroxide. Calcium hydroxide is a mineral salt that is an alkaline food additive, also known as pickling lime or limewater. It is used in the water that the noodles come packed in to help to retain the shape of the noodles. When you remove the noodles you strain the calcium water off and rinse under running water for a few minutes before heating in fresh water.

This is a novel concept and if you’re like me, you’ll have a lot more questions. If you click on the miracle noodle picture above, it will take you to their webpage. You can do a search for FAQs or frequently asked questions which contain a video that explains more about the noodles and glucomannan and answers many of the questions that people generally ask.

Then the last step left is to decide which noodle type to order- Fettuccini, 7-Ounce (Pack of 6), Angel Hair, Spaghetti,etc. They also have a Miracle Noodle 6-bag Variety Pack which contains 2 of several types. Depending on the sensitivity of your digestion, you may want to try just one packet for starters, but keep that sampler in mind. You may find all of those on Amazon.

Good luck with that and good sampling!


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