Gallstone Diet

Get Your Gallstone Diet Shopping List

Navigate the grocery store with ease when you download our complimentary shopping list, which includes the best food choices when you are suffering from gallstones, as well as the foods you'll want to avoid.

This gallstone diet shopping list will follow very closely the foods on the gallbladder-healthy shopping list, in that in both cases we are targeting the bile. We want to include foods that support the bile. However, there are specific foods to eat with gallstones that may be helpful over time. While there is no research on foods dissolving gallstones, there has been some research done on the chemical components contained in the foods recommended on this shopping list. What is, perhaps, more important is a list of gallstone foods to avoid, since the main concern here is eating something that will stimulate gallbladder contraction and move a stone either into the neck of the gallbladder or out into the duct. A stuck stone is the most common reason for a gallbladder attack. While there is a specific section for the main foods that cause attacks, know that any food on the foods to avoid list can stimulate a gallstone attack. So, unless and until you know that those foods are not a trigger for you, it is best to avoid them all.