Episode 01: The Gift of Gallbladder Disease

Welcome to the premier episode of the Gallbladder Symptoms Podcast: The Gift of Gallbladder Disease. Gallbladder attacks can be painful and frightening, so it may seem surprising to see gallbladder disease described as a gift. In this episode, Dave Booda interviews Deborah Graefer, a licensed acupuncturist and a specialist in gallbladder and bile health, about the hidden gifts for your long term health and wellness that can come when you take a diagnosis of gallbladder disease seriously.

Gallbladder Safe Foods

Episode 02: How Long Do I Have to Eat Like This?

When you're in trouble following a gallbladder attack, in can be scary knowing what to eat – which is why we've put together a 30-Day Menu Plan that tells you exactly what you can eat and when, to avoid getting back into pain. But this menu represents a significant change in the way most people have been eating. In this episode, we'll discuss the dietary changes you'll need to make temporarily while you heal your condition, and the changes that may need to be permanent if you want to stay out of pain.