Diet After Gallbladder Surgery

Diet After Gallbladder Surgery

All foods and supplements that were good for your gallbladder are still good for your bile.

If you understand that co-existent with your gallbladder disease is usually a problem of stagnant bile or some imbalance in the bile composition itself, you will realize that most people are not out of the woods. Treat your lack of a gallbladder as you would any gallbladder disease and eat the same way.

Determining your diet after gallbladder surgery depends upon your symptoms before removal. Some people have surgery having had few symptoms, and others were in bad shape.

If you are in the latter category, and if you are now still having some discomfort, you may be most comfortable giving your gallbladder a rest by strictly following the Gallbladder Foods to Avoid and Gallbladder-Friendly Foods for 30-60 days.

Remember that even after the gallbladder has been taken out, you still have a biliary system. Treat it gently and feed it nourishing foods.

Of particular importance is the understanding of good fats and harmful fats. Follow this link to the gallbladder diet page for more information on both of these.