Gallbladder Foods To Avoid

Gallbladder Foods To Avoid

It is most important to know the gallbladder foods to avoid if you would like to avoid a gallbladder attack.

However, if you are in the middle of an attack now, or have been sent home from the hospital to await surgery following a gallbladder attack, it’s more important to know that you should be avoiding ALL foods right now and only drinking liquids.

Within a day or two, you will be ready to start slowly back on gallbladder-friendly foods only.

Download our list of foods to avoid and gallbladder-friendly foods from our diet page.

And note that there are specific recommendations for gallstones, if that is your diagnosis.

Whether you have ever experienced a gallbladder attack or not, if you suffer from gallbladder symptoms, you will get the best relief from following a gallbladder diet.

If you are someone who prefers a day-to-day menu plan, we have two of those to choose from, depending on the severity of your symptoms.
For mild to intermediate symptoms, we recommend the Healthy Gallbladder Menu.
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For severe symptoms, we recommend the Gallbladder Attack Menu.
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