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The Gallbladder Attack Diet - A 30-Day Menu Plan

The first four-week gallbladder menu is called The Gallbladder Attack Diet and is for people who are afraid to eat and get pain from almost anything. It is a very strict diet to be used when in pain, but NOT during an acute attack. An attack may last 15 minutes or as long as 24 hours, but it is best to drink liquids only during this time or longer. I repeat: a gallbladder attack diet should consist of liquids only. Your gallbladder needs to rest and recuperate. You can start on this menu plan the day after your attack. If you have not had a gallbladder attack, and you get pain from most foods you eat, you should follow the second menu plan.
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The Gallbladder Diet - A 30-Day Menu Plan

For people who are not in the attack phase or who have gallbladder symptoms unrelated to a gallbladder attack, we have designed a second menu plan for moderate gallbladder symptoms called The Gallbladder Diet. For any gallbladder or bile issues, this diet is designed to be free of common gallbladder trigger foods and to be rich in gallbladder-friendly foods, thereby supporting healthy bile flow to keep you symptom-free.
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Gallbladder Diet

While it is possible to follow a gallbladder-healthy diet with just a list of gallbladder-friendly foods as well as foods to avoid and to make your meals from that, many people find it more convenient to have an actual menu plan. This is especially important for those who experience pain with every single thing they eat.

What we have found is that when people are in pain or in recovery from a gallbladder attack, almost anything can bring on pain again. So, out of fear, they eat nothing for a day or two until they are so hungry that they lose their discernment and eat the wrong thing. This is far more likely when they don’t know that there are specific gallbladder attack trigger foods and what they are.   For those of you who prefer to have it all spelled out, the two separate gallbladder diet menu plans are carefully designed for different situations. Both menu plans are for 4 weeks. And each plan contains gallbladder-friendly recipes with mouth-watering pictures full of foods that you can eat without fear.   You may also find it helpful to receive our complimentary grocery shopping list which includes both foods to eat and foods to avoid. Go here to order your free download - a list of gallbladder foods to avoid and gallbladder foods to include.