Dear Heidi, Sharmila, and Deborah,

I cannot thank you enough. The food is wonderful, even the first week. The free recipes (especially for weeks 5-8) are amazing and absolutely gorgeous! My stomach is shrinking, and I can’t believe the small portions that satisfy me. I believe I can eat this way for life. I have lost several pounds and a friend noticed. I am finally going to get slim and be healthier and hopefully pain free.

I am on day 8, and I have followed the plan pretty closely. I have only had fruits and veggies and no alcohol, which is hard, but doable. Sometimes I have more cooked veggies or a little larger a portion of something. I haven’t received your supplements yet, but they are on the way. I started your plan because I had 3 short but very painful attacks in one week. No attacks in the past 8 days, only a few minor twinges.                                            
Heidi, you were very helpful and supportive on the phone, and asked me to call back in two weeks. I am so happy to get support with this. You have no idea. 
I never thought I could eat so much raw food and love it. Grated beets with grated apples are so good. And even the cucumber salad is great. Who knew? I am so looking forward to making the other recipes.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!