I just wanted to thank you. I was two days away from having my gallbladder removed, but I read your site, postponed the surgery, and switched to a 100% natural diet. Within three weeks I was symptom-free and have been for a year now. Thank you!


Thanks, Heidi. You guys are great at communicating.

I love your products and I am doing MUCH better.


Finding you, your website, the gallbladder diet has helped improve my gallbladder health tremendously. Thank you so much!


I was having heartburn every day all day, and after a few weeks on the pregnancy kit, I find I am only getting it once a week, if that!  Thank you. 

Dr. T. in Florida

So glad I found this website! I was having so many digestive issues, after a year of searching and trying, I was finally diagnosed with food allergies and leaky gut. I didn’t know where to turn. A friend recommended gallbladderattack.com and I have finally found some relief! I have been on RepairVite, DigestPlus, Gastro-Ulc and Healthy Bowel, and I can now say I am on the mend! Do yourself a favor if you have any digestive issues – look into food intolerances/allergies and use gallbladderattack.com. I look forward to eating some of my favorite foods again!

K.T. in Arizona

The [supplements] package DID arrive on Wednesday, and I lived through a pain-free Thanksgiving dinner because of it! Thank you!


Using Restore 4 Life not only helped with my gut and digestive issues, my sinuses issues got better. It was such a wonder supplement for me.

Carrie in CO

Dear Heidi, Sharmila, and Deborah,

I cannot thank you enough. The food is wonderful, even the first week. The free recipes (especially for weeks 5-8) are amazing and absolutely gorgeous! My stomach is shrinking, and I can’t believe the small portions that satisfy me. I believe I can eat this way for life. I have lost several pounds and a friend noticed. I am finally going to get slim and be healthier and hopefully pain free.

I am on day 8, and I have followed the plan pretty closely. I have only had fruits and veggies and no alcohol, which is hard, but doable. Sometimes I have more cooked veggies or a little larger a portion of something. I haven’t received your supplements yet, but they are on the way. I started your plan because I had 3 short but very painful attacks in one week. No attacks in the past 8 days, only a few minor twinges.                                            
Heidi, you were very helpful and supportive on the phone, and asked me to call back in two weeks. I am so happy to get support with this. You have no idea. 
I never thought I could eat so much raw food and love it. Grated beets with grated apples are so good. And even the cucumber salad is great. Who knew? I am so looking forward to making the other recipes.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


I have just finished the 30 Day Menu Plan and I am out of pain for the first time in years. I am really looking forward to starting the 2nd phase 30 Day Plan and see where that takes me! Thank you for all your help!


I wish that I found your site five years ago! Before I had a gallbladder attack and had it removed. Your site is very informative. My doctors never told me anything after the operation as to diet or supplementing with enzymes or bile salts. Now thanks to you, I can take preventive measures to stay healthy. Thank you!


I received the Gall Bladder Attack Kit over a week ago and started taking the products that night. It is definitely working; I have not had a single attack since! (I was experiencing pain almost daily before, often escalating to a 12 hr. session.) I just used the products as you recommended in the Kit Instructions and have been eating the grated beet salad almost every day, 2-3 times a day.

Thanks Debbie! You’re a life-saver.

P.S. Sucking on the one pill as you recommend made a difference! I didn’t do it at first, but saw immediate results (more improvement!) as soon as I did. I’m even starting to appreciate the bitter taste!

C.M. in Austin, TX

I’m so glad I found your website! I’ve been taking the 3 combination pills for sluggish gallbladder and my pain has all but ended. I’ve convinced my Dr. that I’m certain through diet and these pills I can forget about having my gallbladder surgically removed. Many thanks to you!


You requested that I check in after being on the 30-Day Gallbladder Solution for approximately two weeks. I am happy to say that I have not experienced another attack since being on the diet and taking the supplements. You suggested that I take the program for an additional 30 days, as the ultrasound showed approximately 60 stones in my gallbladder. I will plan to order again in a few days.
Thank you for your thoughts and for putting this program together.

Dr. Susan, Ph.D.

After I had my gallbladder removed I felt like I was never digesting my food. I honestly feel that if I hadn’t found your products I would have an extremely limited diet.  It has changed my life, thank you!


I am doing quite well! The gas pain is almost nonexistent, my bladder has returned to its normal position and the sharp pain from the gallbladder is not as frequent or as sharp. And, the nagging dull pain to the right of my bellybutton has lessened. Oh, and no GERD symptoms. Less than 2 weeks!

J.R. in Ohio

I sincerely thank you for having all this information up and available. The menu plan has provided me with a starting point for eating again and learning how to control the pain through diet. The site is a wealth of revelations and it’s truly a godsend for me as I begin this journey back to health. I can say from happy experience that the gallbladder massages work beautifully, as I had to utilize them this morning to relieve some dull aching.    

D.L. in Louisiana

Thank you so much! You have helped me more than I can express. I would have been lost without your kindly shared knowledge. My experience of extreme gallbladder attacks literally knocked me down. I could only lay on my back completely still and barely breathe. If I moved a finger I would not be able to avoid going to a hospital. My doctor misdiagnosed my symptoms and treated me for the flu. I was attending university and my life was changed forever. When I found you and it was if an angel appeared. I am grateful.  


I just wanted to let you know that yours is one of the few emails I get that I read immediately and always know that I will benefit from what you have written! I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the day I found your website and ordered your products and used your recipes.

You saved my gallbladder! Literally! Thank you!


Your Bile Salts tabs work wonders. I had my gallbladder removed in 2008 and have tried many things to relieve myself if bloating with nearly everything I ate… Nearly every brand of enzymes, some with extra fat digesting help, even some other brands of bile salts. 

Your Bile Salts worked! 

I have my fingers crossed about the absolute agony of constipation–but so far your Bile Salts seem to help that, too.

Thanks for a great product!

Carol A.

After my recent ordeal at the hospital when I thought the pain might be my gallbladder again, the doctor said after all the tests that I have the cleanest gallbladder in Lake County. I told him about working with your program and this is the result, thank you so much!  


Literally, if I follow your protocol, I’m better in 3 days!

F.B. in North Carolina

I had a gallbladder removal surgery in Spring 2017, and during the surgery, the doctor made a major surgical error that left me with chronic pain and problems. For many months, I was unable to eat solid food, I could only eat vegetables and fruit that I had put through the blender. I had several consultations with Debbie Graefer, who coached me through ways to deal with the pain, foods to eat and supplements to add into my diet to support my digestion. With her help, I was able to eat solid food again without getting sick, and my pain has greatly decreased. My only regret is that I didn’t speak with Ms. Graefer sooner, as I may have been able to avoid surgery as well as months of suffering!

S.B. in California

Day ten on the gall bladder 30 day kit and the pain is gone. Following the diet regime and taking the supplements and the improvement is amazing. I appreciate all the advice on you website and in the emails and am changing my lifestyle as directed. The results are most gratifying. You know your stuff and present it well. I am most appreciative.

T.C. in San Clemente, CA

When I was waiting for my gallbladder operation as I had a severe infection and a gallstone/sludge – my lifesaver was your site and your gallbladder diet! Thanks for that! I made it to my operation without one flare-up in the eight weeks while I was waiting for the infection to settle so the surgeon could do keyhole. He was surprised and impressed I lasted as he thought I would end up in A and E before my operation date.

K.H. in UK