Dyglofit: Supporting Healthy Weight Loss

Many people would go to great lengths for weight loss – crash diet, laxatives, extreme workouts, surgery, diet pills, etc. Though some of these methods may be considered quick and effective, all these overlook long-term implications and health impacts. So, if you are one of the few whose goal is healthy weight loss by looking for natural fat burners that work, take a closer look at Dyglofit.

What is Dyglofit : A quick look at Dichrostachys glomerata

I have always known that obesity is one of the biggest risks, not only for the development of gallbladder diseases but of chronic health problems in general. So for some time, I have been on the lookout for natural ingredients for weight loss that I could incorporate into our practitioner-formulated formulas. As I researched, I have discovered one herbal breakthrough that’s making waves in the fitness world in recent years. It is an extract from Dichrostachys glomerata, thus the name Dyglofit.

Dichrostachys glomerata, also referred to as D. cinerea or sickle bush, is a small tree or shrub commonly found in Africa, Asia, and Australia. Its dried fruit pods are used as spices, while the rest of the shrub is famous for its wide-ranging therapeutic uses. Traditional doctors have used the bark to treat dysentery, headaches, toothaches, and elephantiasis for centuries. The root is also considered effective for killing and expelling parasitic worms and treating snakebites and scorpion stings. Pounded leaves and roots are also said to be effective anesthesia.

Like other herbs, sickle bush produces metabolites such as alkaloids, flavonoids, and terpenes used in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. These components combined make D.glomerata a potent therapeutic agent and contribute to its antibacterial, anti-toxin, liver-protective, and anti-inflammatory activities.

The Dyglofit Weight Loss Advantage

Numerous products in the market can claim to be effective weight loss supplements that work. What sets Dyglofit apart is its holistic approach. The herbal extract found in Dyglofit is known to:

  • support detoxification
  • help fight inflammation
  • regulate blood sugar levels
  • control appetite
  • support healthy cholesterol levels
  • support healthy inflammatory response

Often, supplemental weight loss aids only inhibit or support enzymes that break down carbohydrates. Dyglofit goes beyond that as it doesn’t just help burn those excess fats and carbs. It can support individuals struggling with other obesity-related issues like inflammation and high blood sugar levels, especially helpful for those with metabolic syndrome.

Moreover, synthetic drugs used to combat obesity often have marginal success due to their accompanying adverse effects. This fact encouraged researchers to focus more on natural ingredients like sickle bush, which has been proven to be non-toxic and relatively safe even with a high dosage of 2500 mg/kg of body weight daily.

Metabolic Syndrome Support

As discussed more extensively in our previous post, metabolic syndrome is a group of disorders characterized by high blood pressure, insulin resistance or prediabetes, abdominal obesity, and high cholesterol and triglyceride levels. With Dyglofit, all these individual symptoms can be supported for weight loss and better overall health.

In a 2014 study on D.glomerata published in Food and Chemical Toxicology, capsules containing the herbal powder were administered at least 30 minutes before lunch and dinner for eight weeks. After the experimental period, external body and biochemical measurements were performed. It showed that subjects showed lower body weight, better BMI, smaller waist, and hip circumference, lesser body fat, healthier blood pressure, normal blood cholesterol and triglycerides, and normal glucose levels. These measurements are based on the premise that subjects ate and lived as they normally do – no extensive exercise and no calorie-restrictive diets.

Dyglofit for Appetite Control and Inflammation

Even though Dyglofit’s claim to fame is that weight loss can be achieved without any lifestyle diet or fitness change, we cannot deny that modifying these will yield better results. As such, one of the issues that need to be addressed is overeating.

Excessive eating must be one of the top reasons for obesity. For some, it is a matter of habit or attitude towards food. For others, like those with eating disorders or other health conditions that impair their appetite control, it is a more difficult issue. Thankfully, the sickle bush in Dyglofit can provide support on this aspect.

Dyglofit’s impact on weight loss has a lot to do with its relationship with the hormone leptin and the inflammatory marker C reactive protein. Leptin is the hormone produced by fat cells to regulate satiety and appetite control. However, in the case of obese individuals who commonly have chronic or systemic inflammation, the C reactive protein intercepts the leptin signal on the way to the brain before it can relay the message of satiety. Since the brain fails to recognize the feeling of fullness, we tend to overeat.

With Dyglofit, hormonal balance is supported, and inflammatory responses are better regulated. Therefore, C-reactive proteins are reduced, and leptin is allowed to run its regular course.

Dyglofit for Reduction of Body Weight

Because of the weight loss potential of D.glomerata, there are already a good number of experiments conducted to test its efficacy. One of the studies entailed the administration of 150 mg of D.glomerata extract twice daily. The subjects were 102 healthy overweight and obese individuals. Another experiment required 48 overweight participants to take 300 mg D. glomerata extract once daily.

Both studies proved that the herbal extract could indeed cause significant improvements in weight, BMI, body fat, and hip and waist circumference. In fact, the average weight reduced within eight weeks was a whopping 11.15 kg or 24.58 lbs, equivalent to 11.33% of the original body weight. When further tests were conducted after the study, researchers also found that participants were relatively healthier, with better blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Dyglofit is, therefore, effective in preventing and managing weight gain.

Dyglofit for Healthy Sugar Levels

D.glomerata extract in Dyglofit may help maintain glucose levels by exerting its effects on glucose absorption, utilization, and excretion. It also has components like polyphenols and phenolic acid that serve as free radical scavengers, helping improve the complications of diabetes such as glycation, glycoxidation, atherosclerosis, and hyperlipidemia. Among the antioxidants in Dyglofit, α-lipoic acid also has the same effect.

Try Supplements with this Patented Herbal Formula

Research has shown that metabolic syndrome is a common side effect that occurs months or years after gallbladder removal. So on top of implementing important dietary and lifestyle measures to get on top of this condition, adding something natural and as easy as a few capsules before meals seems like a no-brainer. The effects of appetite control and weight loss are a great plus to becoming healthier. There are many supplements available on Amazon with Dyglofit as its primary component. Just remember to choose wisely which brand to choose.




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